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Arima Kids
  Name Description
Vishnu Balasubramaniam
Vishnu Balasubramaniam

Age: 10
Grade: 5
School: Duveneck Elementary School, Palo Alto, CA
Languages spoken: Tamil, English
Academic interests: Mathematics, Science
Sports interests: Swimming, American football, basket ball
Music interests: Playing bongo drums, trombone, flute
Other hobbies: Drawing, Dancing, Cooking, making Electronics toys

Aakash Srinivasann
Aakash Srinivasann

My name is Aakash and I am10 years old in 4th grade from Foster City California.
I study at Brewer Island Elementary school.I like social studies, science(Outer space), and math
I play Tennis, Soccer, Abacus, Piano and I am in the swim team.
On Sunday's I go to Tamil class and Balagokulum.At home I have two younger
brothers at ages 4 and 2.Thank you so much for letting me be the Arima Kid!

Vivek Iyer
Vivek Iyer

My name is Vivek G. Iyer. I am in Third Grade at Dilworth Elementary in Cupertino. I am Rahul Iyer's brother who was chosen as an Arima kid few months ago.
My hobbies include playing baseball, chess, swimming and reading books. I play baseball for the Cupertino American League. I am also on my way to becoming a Black Belt in Tae-Kwon-Do. I have won several chess trophies as well.

Sahityasree Subramanian
Sahityasree Subramanian

Hello! My name is Sahityasree Subramanian. I am 8 years old and I go to Parkmont Elementary School. My favourite subjects are Math and Science. My favourite color is purple. I enjoy drawing and cooking. I am good at Carnatic music.

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